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The Catholic Evangelization of this area was started in 1891 by the White Fathers missionaries. Three phases can be identified within this process. The first phase is between 1891 and 1939. The pillar of this phase was Archbishop Henry Streicher. Phase two, 1939 – 1961, began the establishment of Masaka as a distinct ecclesiastical territory under its first African Bishop Joseph Kiwanuka Nakabaale. Phase three, 1961 – the dawn of national independence, coincided with the beginning of Bishop Adrian Kivumbi Ddungu’s Episcopate and the introduction of Church Renewal by Vatican II. Adrian Kivumbi Ddungu was appointed Bishop of Masaka on November 11, 1961. He was Consecrated Bishop on March 18, 1962 at Bukalasa Seminary. He retired on January 10, 1998 and died on  December 30, 2009. He was succeeded by Rt. Rev. John Baptist Kaggwa.