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Catholic Missionary Docking Site to be Promoted for Tourism

Reverend Father Simeon Laudel Mapel and Brother Amans Delmas, who introduced the Catholic faith in Uganda arrived from France in February 1879 through Lake Victoria on their journey to meet Kabaka Edward Muteesa I of Buganda to seek permission to evangelize the area.  

Sunday 19th February 2023 saw pilgrims throng the island of Bugoma in Lake Victoria to celebrate 144 years since the commencement of evangelization in Buganda. The day started off with pilgrims led by Bishop Serverus Jjumba walking for a distance of 4 kms to the landing site from Luuku-Bugoma to where Mapeera landed.

Bishop Serverus Jjumba of Masaka Diocese, says that although the duo was destined for the Kabaka’s Palace in Kampala, their canoe cracked towards Kalangala Islands and accordingly made a two-days stopover at Mugoye landing site to have it repaired before they could proceed. They finally landed in Kigungu beach in Entebbe on February 17th, 1879 before walking to Muteesa’s palace.

He says that in addition to the annual pilgrimage, the diocese is going to develop the place into a modern tourism site that can clearly depict the history of the Catholic faith in Uganda and the foundation of the Church in the Sub Saharan region. Adjacent to this place, there is a primary school and an old church structure, which Bishop Jjumba says should be rehabilitated to meet that standard that deserves its significance. 

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