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Social Communication is an upper hand of Masaka Catholic Diocese especially in reaching out to the people in matters of faith, moral, economic, political and other religious activities for the development of an integral person.

Social Communication Office is charged with a responsibility of evangelization throughout the Diocese publishing a periodical “AGAFAAYO” in which among other activities and progress of the evangelical mission of the Diocese is given.

It has a task of making sure that Communication is effective in the Parishes and villages especially in matters of evangelization and other social activities.

Its main objective is summed up in the Vision and Mission: Evangelisation through the media as per the 5th Diocesan Synod and to see that all are evangelised.

The office has plans of acquiring its own equipment for photography and videography, buying a good public address system for a clear spread of the message when people gather for Diocesan and Parish functions

The structure of the office runs as follows: Social Communication Director, His assistant, the Secretary and other communicators that feed the office with information.

The office has successfully secured the Diocesan Radio in names of Centenary Radio that transmit on 88.1FM, production of quality, informative and educative magazines has been worked upon.