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Masaka Diocesan Ecclesiastical Court contains a Tribunal which handles cases that are subject to the Canon Law of the Church. The Tribunal assists the Bishop in his judicial role in the diocese. It serves the following; to promote, protect and vindicate the rights and privileges of the People of God in accordance with natural and ecclesiastical law, to provide Canonical expertise to the bishop, priests, religious and laity of the diocese, especially with regard to marriage legislation, to place Canonical expertise more fully at the service of other departments and the overall mission of the diocese, and lastly to meet the Canonical needs of the diocese by continuing to dialogue with the Bishop concerning present and future personnel information.


1.Fr. Jude Charles JjuukoJudicial Vicar
2.Rev. Dr. Edward SsekabanjaAssociate Judicial Vicar
3.Fr. James SsendegeDefender of the Bond
4.Fr. Kiyimba FisherPromoter of Justice
5.Msgr. George William SserwangaAssessor
6.Fr. Henry KasuleAssessor
7.Fr. Henry SsebwanaNotary